La chanson d'une dadaïste

qui était dadá de coeur

Tormenta Eléctrica
18 January
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There's only one phrase thatwould describe me accurately:I like to change.
I cannot stay put either emotionally,physically...No,I need to changeand to move and to experiment.My friends might say that this is not entirely true, but I know better.
if you meet me I'll look stable and centered, very constant, right? Well,
I like to change, but I hate to upset people with my chameleonic nature. And I have a damn good memory.


So dear friend, it's only honest of me to tell: I'm acting. The odds are that I'm not anymore the Paola you met, but someone else. This is just an illusion kept because I like your friendship anyway and it would
be a pity to loose you
just because I decided to play someone else.

Yours however,