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Posted on 2010 at 17

If, as Giordano Bruno theorized, there are multiple universes superposed to this very one, I would like to visit that in which I got Yue Liang and I am a successful lawyer. 'Cause if I'm still me in that universe, then I'm critical of my circumstances and wishing and daydreaming about having a different life -- the life I'm leading right now, maybe. And I would like to travel to that universe and have a cuppa with myself and talk about all the inconveniences of having the 'life of my dreams'. It would be an awesome therapy for everyone who's a little depressed, like me, for instance. I would come back consoled and maybe extremely grateful that I didn't get what I wished so much.

I'm sorry. I'm under a lot of stress right now and heartbroken (once) again. It felt good to be back in LJ after months and months of 140-character-ed restrictions.   

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