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Posted on 2014 at 15
Hey! Hello!!!!

I'm going through a strange phase right now - I want to get rid of a lot of things. I feel as if i have been hoarding memories and mementos from past times, and now I need to lighten my load. I'm throwing away magazines, clothes, toys and things that are absolute trash. can you believe I had the stick of a lolly a boy i liked had eaten when I was, like, 14 years old?

Address books: Geesh, they were full of names of people I no longer talk to, or who now live somewhere else. A list of all the people I'm no longer in touch with... it was depressing, like a list of deceased people (there were, in fact, some deceased people's addresses in those notebooks...).

I organized temporarily some of my mememntos into years. I will then glean the most important, or beautiful ones, and throw away the rest. I will not miss them, I will not even notice they are not there anymore. After that, I will construct an album with whatever remains and archive it till I feel again the need to shed.

It is strange. I was not much of a compulsive hoarder till I was 14 years old. And you would think that a terrible event triggered that compulsion, but it was quite the other way. That year was the very best of my life, and I kinda knew that very little moments in my future would equal the joy of that year. So I tried to keep as much of it as I could, so that I would always remember those good times. The thing is, I actually remember quite well that year, I really do not think I will miss any of the souvenirs I have been keeping for so long. I will never forget that THAT year was incredible, regardless of having or lacking anything to atest that all those amazing experiences happened.

So there it is. I feel strangely exited by the prospect of disappearing something from my past... like rewriting the story, even if it was very cool at that moment, it no longer suits the person I am today. I have to go back and edit and go on from there. Yes, that's why I'm so enthusiastic about it, because this proves that I can have some sort of control over time. I can indeed change the past...

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