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Posted on 2009 at 19

Is it so difficult to figure out that a 47-paged document will make a gargantuan PDF file when scanned? I know, I know. I promised not to be whiny here, but tis is really funny. What kind of lamebrain expects to create a reasonable sized PDF out of 47 real life sheets?

On another note, I'm drafting a document that establishes a collegiate decision organ. I wasn't told how many members this committe must have, but of course it must be an odd number to prevent deadlock. And for a moment, I thought that it would be totally cool to refer to this number as a "prime number". Then I felt like an asshole 'cause 2 is also a prime number. Anyhow, I still think I'll draft my document with the prime number reference for the sole reason that I'm a bitch and want to have a good laugh at lawyers and managers who have no bloody idea of what a prime number is.
Maybe to-morrow I'll buy a new car for the ol' ones. A 2007 Volkswagen, nothing fancy, something rather proletarian, in fact. The price is really ridiculous and I am very happy because it is the first thing of importance that I'll contribute to the house. Yay for me. And also because now I can REALLY start saving to recover the Zimmer. I'm very much afraid that my piano's ransom will be much much higher than the new car.  

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